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A Fresh Start for the New Year

Nowadays I seldom hear people discussing New Year's resolutions. It may be that with the world as it is, a year seems too long a span to consider. Or it may be that time moves so fast that aside from the emotion of New Year's Eve, we just find one year no different than another. --The Stillmeadow Road

My feeling is that people still discuss and make resolutions, but they go about it the wrong way. The resolutions are too negative, too restrictive, too boring, maybe? I don't really call them resolutions, per se; the word alone seems to signal defeat in some way. I look at them as goals or plans or ideas for the new year. And this year, mine are...

1) Read more books than last year, and keep more interesting records; at least half of the books I read must be ones I already own as of today.
2) Do more craft projects! No specifics, can be almost anything.
3) Be more consistent about updating my LJ and work on keeping some sort of paper journal.
4) Continue healthy eating choices to lose the last 10-15 pounds I should, and maintain that.
5) Be more active on my communities and groups.

#5 is the one that directly involves this community. Now that I have a new and WORKING computer (thank you, Santa!), I am going to make a real effort to post more to this group. I think that there's a need for it, and it has frustrated me that I was not able to do much with it. I'm going to work harder at sharing things on this group and others I belong to or moderate, and posting more regularly. Please feel free to join in if you'd like, or not. Participate in any way you like.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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